Modify the SYSPRO Stock Codes throughout the entire SYSPRO product catering for the changing or merging of the associated Stock Codes in all master, transaction and history tables.

Version: 6.1 SP1

This Stock Code Account Manipulation utility facilitates the modification of the Stock Codes within the SYSPRO Inventory module and the related transaction and history tables throughout the other SYSPRO modules. This utility:
  • Will merge and/or change Stock Codes
  • Takes full cognisance of shared Inventory files without the user having to cope with the complexity of knowing which files are shared and which are not
  • Is parameter driven, allowing the user to specify the parameters of the merge or change and capture or import the replacement values to be changed, specifying old and new values
  • Produces an audit trail either in detail or summary of changes, which may be printed by the user
Get the Installation and the User Manuals HERE
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How to install...

The product is installed by simply placing the downloaded executable into the SYSPRO\base\upgrade folder and logging into SYSPRO as an Administrator. Allowing for the update to take place, simply run the Source IT setup program, SITINI, from within SYSPRO to complete the setup.
 Get the Installation and the User Manuals HERE
Signifying the initial representation of this solution on the SYSPRO APP store after its inception in 2001, this tried and proven solution has evolved over many years to its current stable solution.
License type: Linked to SYSPRO License
Pricing: Base price with additional price per user based on SYRPRO license user count
As the product is required to be installed and run from within the SYSPRO ERP product itself, there are no additional licensing issues. Should you require usage of this product on a 6 month rental basis, email Source IT for details.