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Get ready for the new Custom Form Field formats from SYSPRO 7. Search your Company Database and produce a report with the triggers/views/stored procedures current in use within your Database.

Version: 1.1

SYSPRO 7 has brought improvements and changes to the Custom Form Fields infrastructure. As part of any upgrade to use the new format users should check for triggers/views/stored procedures in their database that references custom forms in the pre-SYSPRO 7 format.

This application logs into SQL server using SQL authentication, retrieves stored procedures, views, functions and triggers from a SQL database, and then shows this information on-screen in a data grid.

Once in the grid, the user can:
  • Search for specific string patterns (for example, “AdmFormData”)
  • Export this information into Excel
  • Export this information into CSV text file format

Whilst designed to run as part of an upgrade this tool can be used at any time.
SQL Info does not need to be installed on the SQL server; it can be run from any Microsoft-based PC as long as the PC it is installed on can connect to the SQL server required.   However, SQL Info uses Microsoft .Net Framework 4, so this free framework product must be downloaded from Microsoft and installed on the PC that is going to run SQL Info.

SQL Info will retrieve data from Microsoft SQL Server platforms, versions 2005 and above.
License type: Unlimited Users
Pricing: Once-off payment