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These EOH Applications automated workflows facilitate the authorization of the creation and/or update of a debtors' account.

Version: 1.0

The Create and Update Customer Workflows (Accounts Receivable Module) facilitate the authorisation of the creation and/or update of a Debtors' (customer) account. This also ensures that the necessary controls are in place in order to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and the King III Report of 2009. A number of key fields need to be authorized prior to the customer being taken off hold and sales processed to the customer.

When a new customer account is created or changed, an email is sent to an approver for authorization. Authorization can run in two streams, where one email is to authorize the credit limit and another email allows for the authorization of other key details, such as delivery address or tax number.

1.    To place a new customer on hold when first created and only release from hold once a number of identified key fields have been authorized by the required parties.

2.    Authorisation includes the authorization of a credit limit and these are routed to different managers dependent on the size of the credit limit being requested.

1. Email notifications are sent immediately once the customer is first created or changed to the authorizing managers for authorization of key fields.

2. The customer remains on hold until all managers in the workflow have approved their email notices.


It is assumed that the individual tasked to implement the product is equipped with the following skills: 
1.         The User is familiar with IIS and comfortable creating virtual directories
2.         The User is familiar with the SYSPRO environment and the required modules
3.         The User is familiar with SYSPRO Workflow Services
4.         The User is comfortable with importing and deploying a workflow
5.         The User is familiar with SYSPRO Workflow Development
6.         The User is familiar with the development and loading of VB scripting inside SYSPRO
7.         The User is comfortable with removing SYSPRO default buttons & creating custom buttons
8.         The User is familiar with SYSPRO e-signature configuration  


1.         SYSPRO Version 6.1 SP1 Port 008 or higher
2.         SYSPRO Workflow Services Professional
3.         SYSPRO Accounts Receivable Module
4.         SYSPRO Office Automation Module
5.         SYSPRO Contact Management System
6.         SMTP or Exchange Server
7.         Internet Information Services installed with frameworks 4
The Create and Update Customer Workflows (Accounts Receivable Module) product is included in the e.Flow range of solutions developed by EOH Applications. The e.Flow range contain automated processes which enhance the existing SYSPRO model.

This workflow solution is based on the set up of specific roles within the company. Please note that certain sections of this solution are easily adaptable from company to campany, depending on their specific operational requirements.
License type: Unlimited Users
Pricing: Once-off payment