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An example of how to write a .Net WPF User Control to run in a SYSPRO custom pane. All the code is available in the accompanying manual and Visual Studio solution.

Version: 1

This is an example of how a .Net WPF User Control can be written to run in a SYSPRO custom pane, due to the fact that SYSPRO supports .Net Windows Form User Controls running in a custom pane, it does not support .Net WPF User Controls.

This simple sample captures some text data and passes it to SYSPRO.
The zip file contains a manual with explanations of the code and the techniques used to get the various components to integreate.
It also contains VBScript for a custom pane and a C# .Net solution with the full code.
Please refer to SOAddStockItems2D download on the SYSPRO App Store for an example of writing a .Net Windows Form User Control for SYSPRO 

Please note that this WPF User Control sample is written in C# using VS 2012.

Unzip the download file and read the manual for installation instructions.

C# and VBScript knowledge required.
License type: Free
Pricing: Free