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DDE suite of programs to link 3rd party applications (such as telephony systems) to SYSPRO.

Version: 1.0

The K3 Syspro DDE suite of programs provides mechanisms for third party DDE clients and DDE servers to pass data to, and receive data from, SYSPRO.They were originally written so that a Samsung OfficeServ telephone system could pass the inbound phone number to SYSPRO and for SYSPRO to dial the PABX from a custom pane.

However, the technology works with any DDE enabled third party application.

The Suite of programs consists of:
  • DDEClient - a COM object that can be called from a SYSPRO Custom Pane VBScript that will establish a link with a DDE Server and send data to it. There is an example of a SYSPRO custom pane showing how to dial the Samsung PABX and also an example of running the component in a Windows VBScript outside SYSPRO.
  • DDEServer - a SYSPRO .Net User Control that runs in a hidden custom pane. It will pass any data received from a DDE client and pass it straight to the custom pane VBScript. The example custom pane takes an inbound telephone number, pops up a desktop alert and allows the user to load customer enquiry from the alert.
  • DDEServerBridge - a supporting standalone program for the DDEServer .Net User Control. The DDEServerBridge is an application that runs in the System Tray and provides a permanent connection to a DDE Client. It passes any data it receives onto the DDEServer .Net User Control in SYSPRO. If SYSPRO is unloaded during the day the DDEServerBridge will re-establish contact when SYSPRO is used again.
  • DDETestHarness - a program that mimics a telephone dialling DDE client. It can be used to test the Server components but is also useful for demonstrations.
SYSPRO 6.1 or later.
The DDE Server .Net User Control Custom Pane VBScript uses SYSPRO 6.1 SP1 popup alert functionality only available in port 17 or later. However this can be easily changed in the sample script, allowing use of these components on earlier ports. See manual for explanation.
License type: Unlimited Users
Pricing: Once-off payment