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A further example of running WPF forms in SYSPRO User controls.

Version: 1

This is the second of two examples of how to host a WPF User Control in a SYSPRO Custom Pane. It is probably a good idea to study both examples.

The main reason for this example is to show how you can have supporting dll’s loading from the SYSPRO Managed Assemblies directory and not have to copy them to the SYSPRO base directory. There is a detailed discussion document included on how to achieve this.

Versions of SYSPRO after 6.0 SP1 have had the ability to host .Net Windows Form User Controls in custom panes. This ability allows application extensions to be written, passing data between the User Control and SYSPRO and potentially adding huge business specific functionality to SYSPRO.

However, this technology does not support the use of .Net WPF User Controls.

The associated zip file contains an Example Visual Studio 2012 Solution.

The User Control is deliberately very simple so that we can concentrate on the mechanics of getting this working.

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