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A .Net User Control that shows how to run VBScript using the SYSPRO scripting engine

Version: 1

The Control illustrates how to run VBScript from within a .Net User Control, how to interact with SYSPRO and receive data back from the VBScript. It has been written as a test harness so that it can be used to help test any VBScript before embedding the script into any other User Controls you may be developing..


The source code is provided with the control and is well documented.



The User Control allows the operator to browse for a script file or manually enter a script.

The script can be saved to a file for later retrieval.

As the operator enters details of the function to call and its parameters the command that will be passed to SYSPRO is displayed.

The script can be executed from the control and any return value is displayed.


A sample script file (ExecuteScriptExample_1.txt) is included. It contains a series of functions showing how the User Control can run scripts.

Simply browse for this file and it will be displayed in the form. The content can be edited and saved to another file if required.

SYSPRO 7 port 22 and later.
SYSPRO 7 port 22 and later.
License type: Free
Pricing: Free