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User Control for connecting SYSPRO to a TAPI enabled Telephone Exchange. Includes example VB Script for displaying toaster alert on inbound call and displaying Customer record.

Version: 2

The K3 TeleLink App User Control is designed to enable both triggered outgoing calls from SYSPRO and to respond to incoming calls to an extension associated with the local PC. The connection is based on the TAPI framework and will work with any generic system that supports the TAPI interface.

The User Control also provides a "Demo Mode" where you can enter a phone number and simulate an inbound call, which can be used for demo or training purposes without being connected to a TAPI exchange or network.
For operational use - TAPI Driver installed on the local machine, and a TAPI enabled telephone exchange.

For demonstration and training purposes, none of the above is required.
License type: Named Users with annual license fee
Pricing: Price per user based on named user count