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Quickly check whether your sub-ledgers balance to your GL control accounts. Timing differences that exist as a result of unposted GL Journals are displayed separately. This allows you to focus only on actual differences without first having to ensure that all journals have been posted to your General Ledger.


DataRapt Control Accounts at a Glance enables you to readily monitor the status of all sub-ledger control accounts within SYSPRO.

The current sub-ledger and GL control account balances are displayed for the following modules: 

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cash Book
  • Assets Register
  • Inventory
  • Goods in Transit
  • GRN Suspense
  • Dispatch Notes
  • Work in Progress
  • Work in Progress Inspection 

By default, a single total line is displayed for each installed sub-ledger. You can expand the treeview to show the sub-ledger's control accounts and the values for each control account. Similarly, you can expand the control account to show the associated branches, banks or warehouses with their sub-ledger values. 

Any timing differences due to unposted GL journals are shown separately. This allows you to focus your attention only on actual variances without first having to ensure that all journals have been posted to your General Ledger. 

The DataRapt Control Accounts at a Glance program can be scheduled to refresh the variance data outside of working hours when the data tables/files are not being used by valid SYSPRO processes. Both the on-line help included with the product and the Installation Guide provide more information about how to set this up.   

Our reconciliation products do not update SYSPRO files or tables. We always extract data from SYSPRO and then work with the data in our own tables. 

DataRapt has been providing reconciliation tools for SYSPRO since 2008 and is trusted by companies around the world to facilitate balancing their sub-ledgers to the GL. We take great pride in our products and strive to offer the very highest levels of product quality and service to our customers.

For SYSPRO 6.1 SP1 on Windows Platform

The 'Download' ZIP file contains an Installation Guide and a self-extracting executable that conforms to SYSPRO's Automatic Upgrade Process.

To install and incorporate the DataRapt product into your SYSPRO installation:

1. Copy the self-extracting executable file to the ..\base\upgrade folder on the server.

2. Log into SYSPRO as a member of the SYSPRO Administrators group. You will be prompted to run the automatic upgrade process. Select 'Start Upgrade'.

3. To complete the installation, run the DataRapt at a Glance Install program (DTRINS) from the SYSPRO Button (SYSPRO Button > Run a Program).

Please refer to the supplied Installation Guide for more detailed instructions.

Under certain conditions the Accounts Receivable sub-ledger balance could be incorrect.

WIP sub-ledger balance calculation changed to exclude transactions for which there are no allocations to be in line with SYSPRO's WIP Valuation.

A SQL error occurred if the control account against, for example, a branch was defined in the database as 'NULL'. This scenario is highly unusual and should not ordinarily be the case.

When refreshing Work in Progress for the first period of the financial year, a subscript out of range error occurred.

The sub-ledger total for Cash Book could be incorrect if Cash Book was in an earlier period to Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable and a transaction was posted to Cash Book.

Although the sub-ledger totals for both Cash Book and Assets Register were correct, the figures shown for individual control accounts were incorrect.

Installation program changed to provide detail in the event that the install cannot be completed.

License type: Free
Pricing: Free