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This PDF document contains the suggested steps to follow when processing a BOM Cost Update in SYSPRO using the BOM Cost Implosion program. It is best used in a Standard Cost environment but is suited to all costing methods in SYSPRO.

Version: 1.0

This document is provided as a suggested set of steps that should be followed when running a BOM Cost Implosion program in SYSPRO.  The steps outlined are typical in any SYSPRO version, however in SYSPRO 6.1 some of the steps can be configured using the Automation functions.

Each environment is different and some of the tasks require the user to make selections based on presented options such which costs to base the implosion and which costs to update etc.  No recommendations are made as to the options to be selected.

The steps outlined in this document can be configured using a SYSPRO Task.
They do not apply if you are using Activity Based Costing.
License type: Free
Pricing: Free