You use the Bank Reconciliation System (BRS) to reconcile Cash Book entries (deposits and withdrawals) to the corresponding bank statement entries using an import file. The first phase of the program converts the electronic statement as received from the financial institution and validates the entries held in the import file. The second phase compares the entries in the import file to the entries residing in the Cash Book transaction detail file, and flags corresponding entries as reconciled in the Cash Book transaction detail file.

Version: 6.1 SP1

The Automatic Bank Reconciliation module has had an extra field added to it. This field is a selection ONLY field and contains the different bank file types that the user must select. It is important for the user to know which bank file they are using (i.e. it is not sufficient to know that you bank with ABC Bank, you must know whether the file is in Ascii or Delimited format).

Once the user has selected the file type, a program that is linked to the file type is automatically executed. This program takes the file from the bank and converts it into the layout that the original program was expecting, to facilitate the reconciliation of the transactions.

Make sure that the file received from the bank is known to you before you start this process. There are also different types of files from most banks, so be sure to know what the layout is of the file you are going to process.

If you choose the wrong description for the file you want to reconcile, the reconciliation process will not be successful and will produce a report indicating the errors encountered.

Additionally, if you choose the incorrect bank (even if the description looks similar to the one you have), the reconciliation will still produce a report showing the errors.

The reason for this program change is purely because the different banks use completely different layouts for their bank statements. The objective of this customisation is to take the different layouts from the different banks and convert the records into the layout that the Automatic Bank Reconciliation program requires.

The user may now import a file residing on either the Client or the Server machine.

N.B. The process of reconciling using SYSPRO does not change with regards to the processing beyond this custom solution. There are however two additional report options including a reprint facility. The user may reprint available reports created by the last reconciliation run against a selected Bank Statement.

How to install...

The product is installed by simply placing the downloaded executable into the SYSPRO\base\upgrade folder and logging into SYSPRO as an Administrator. Allowing for the update to take place, simply run the Source IT setup program, SITINI, from within SYSPRO to complete the setup.

Get the User Manual at 

NOTE that should the specific bank format required not be in place, Source IT will develop the required translation accordingly.
Signifying the initial representation of this solution on the SYSPRO APP store after its inception in 2001, this tried and proven solution has evolved over many years to its current stable solution.
License type: Linked to SYSPRO License with annual license fee
Pricing: Base price with additional price per user based on SYRPRO license user count

As the product is required to be installed and run from within the SYSPRO ERP product itself, there are no additional licensing issues.