UserEmailClient which allows SYSPRO to email without a Client Email Application. This uses Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP)

Version: 1.5

UserEmailClient allows SYSPRO to send emails without a Client Email Application installed on the machine. This application is intended for environments where Outlook has not been installed on the machine but requires email sending capabilities. 

This emailing method does not rely on Outlook security prompts, and no user intervention is required for the emails to be sent, it is therefore ideal for application servers which may perform automation task emailing or email scheduled reports. 

UserEmailClient makes use of Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) which is an Internet standard for electronic mail transmission across Internet Protocol (IP) network.
.NET Framework 4.0
Accessible SMTP Server

The Email body will contain a non-customizable email footer. 
SYSPRO caters for 3rd party emailing applications by checking for a custom application namely “UserEmailClient.exe” saved in the Client Base folder. If the custom UserEmailClient was found it is invoked and is passed a command line parameter containing the path to an OPERATOR_email_XXX.XML file found in the base\setting folder of the client. This XML file contains all the information about the email required, i.e. To, CC, Subject, and attachments. Installation: Ensure the Company Email method is set to “Microsoft Outlook using Outlook email client” Save the UserEmailClient.exe to the Base Folder. The first time the program is launched you will be prompted for the SMTP server configuration information. This configuration is saved in the Base\Settings\UserEmailClient.config. All password information is encrypted. The configuration can be altered at any time by invoking the executable using windows explorer. You can also access the configuration page from settings button in the email interface. Use: When SYSPRO attempts to email the SYSPRO SMTP –FREE application is seamlessly invoked instead of the standard SYSPRO Email interface. The user can enter the required information and click send. For applications which require bulk emailing, the User interface (UI) will not be presented as all the required information will be passed from the calling SYSPRO program. The program has a similar feel to the standard SYSPRO Emailing interface however additional information about each field or button will be displayed when hovering with the mouse over the field/button. If an error occurs during sending or the server is not configured correctly an exception will be raised displaying additional information about the failure. Uninstalling: Remove the UserEmailClient.exe from the Base folder and SYSPRO will recommence as before.

Version 2:
Improved bulk emailing process.
Exception handling if XML file has been removed.

Version 3:
Changed licensing logic.

Version 4:
Improved Error messages.

Version 5:
Support SSL
Save configuration at Machine or User level.

License type: Free
Pricing: Free