The Work in Progress Job Issues application for SYSPRO Espresso.

Version: 000

The Job Issues application allows users to add, maintain and issue material to a confirmed job.   
With this application, users can:
  •  add new material to a job
  •  view and maintain the material required for a specific a job
  •  issue material to a job
  •  delete an existing allocation
  •  issue traceable and serialized items
  •  issue material stored in multiple bins
  •  use engineering change control
Additional features:
  1. Filter on allocations
  2. Allow negative material issues
  3. Set the allocation to complete when issuing
  4. Ledger codes with password protection
Before you can use this application, ensure that:
  •  The SYSPRO Work in Progress module has been installed
  • The job has been confirmed
In this release ( the following functionalities are supported:
  • Specific issues only
  • Jobs that are in a confirmed state
The Delete column on the Material Allocation grid is hidden by default.  To add the Delete column to the grid, use Espresso customization.
Kit issues may be supported in a future release.
License type: Named Users with annual license fee
Pricing: Price per user based on named user count